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and tlie male is odorous. The true Goats are almost .exclusively
Palaearctic in range. They show the limited distribution of the
Sheep,, a, distribution which follows from their mountain-loving

Thus we   have   the   Spanish   Ibex   (1  pyreitftlcft), limited   to
the   Pyrenees   and   other   mountain    ranges   of   the   peninsula;

FIG. 175.  Sinaxtic

Oapra. mnaUica,

C. ibex, the Steinbok of the Alps and  the  Tyrol ;  the Markhoor,
7. falconeri,   of  certain   mountain   ranges   of  Afghanistan ;   the
Caucasian, Sinaitic, and Cretan Ibexes, and the Thar.
Capra tiegcxgrus, the Persian Wild Goat, ranges from the
Caucasus to Sind. It is this animal which produces the true
** bezoar stone/* The substance in question is a secretion appar-
ently found in the stomach. It is still, according to Mr. Blan-
ford, regarded as an antidote to poison in Persia. Buffon. called
this Goat the *c Pasan," which is evidently a corruption of the
word bezoar. When the substance was in repute as a medicine
of the '* alexipharmic ** kind, the supply naturally came up to
the demand. Thus the bezoar stones of the Lama in South
America gained repute, and there were ** Oriental hewmr, cow